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Amego Film, Hungary 1056 Budapest - Váci u. 81.
EU VAT no.: HU 24220408

Production Office: Budapest 1056, Belgrád Rakpart 21. III/12.


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21. Belgrád rakpart
Budapest, 1056


AmegO is a Hungarian Film Production Company formed in 2012 with the goal to produce high quality movies, films. 

Film Production Service in Hungary

with own film equipment rental and post production divisions since 2012

Amego Film Ltd. is a production house and service company born in 2012 in Hungary. Since it's establishment we co-produced a feature film with Italy "Madeleine" (2015), currently at festivals, produced an action movie "Blindspot" (2016) -in post-production, we are in prep of the comedy "Do Not Disturb" for next spring, while in development of a costume drama "Eleonora" co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. We started to produce commercials in 2015. By disposing of our own equipment rental and post-production divisions, we can add equity to your co-production or service your film in Hungary with efficient cost control and local expertise.

Professional film equipment rental for your shoot in Hungary!  Digital cameras, lenses, support systems, rigs, handled by experienced technicians

Our production and film service company assists you in local physical production services in Hungary, accessing subsidies and tax rebate

Edit, color, subtitle, make DCP or Blu-ray of your movie, commercial or short film at international standards. Click on the photo to see our post-production studio!

Amego Film
1056-Budapest, Hungary, Váci u.81. 
EU VAT: HU24220408 +3617949249 / +36706150695; Rental Department +36-70-290-1925