Having our own post production facility since 2014, helps us being even more cost effective

The Studio

Our post production and color grading studio offers brand new, state of the art technology offered by DaVinci Resolve software, a regularly calibrated 55” (140 cm) Panasonic Full HD Plasma TV, together with top quality acoustic absorbent panels on the wall for your best cinema-like experience! The studio meets all international standards for the ideal color grading: mid-grey walls with a sun-temperature light source behind the screen and blackout curtains. We can service your project or you can rent the studio and the workstation.

Our Services

  • Editing with Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer in HD/2K/4K/5K/6K

  • Color grading with Davinci Resolve in HD/2K/4K/5K/6K

  • In-house and freelance colorists

  • DVD, Blu-ray authoring

  • DCP (Digital Cinema Package) mastering

  • Archiving

  • Subtitling

  • animation (2D, 3D)

  • VFX with Adobe After Effects

  • Workstation and studio rental