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Budapest Basilica


A) Service Production

30% Tax Rebate on 125% of expenses in Hungary without Cap! Soft money eligibility based on Cultural Test. Subsidy request is to be made 30 days prior principal photography, cash back comes post-financing.

B) Co-Production

Hungarian Film Fund prioritizes to support Hungarian language films made for Hungarian audience. On rare occasions they support foreign language co-productions with proven track record and important credits, but in any case total state subsidy (30% tax rebate + Film Fund Grant together) can not exceed 60% of Hungarian participation (unless total budget is under € 1,5 M in which case subsidies can raise up to 90%), meaning that you can not request a lot of grants before you reach the cap for total state subsidy. Ouch!

The Bottom Line is

...that by spending more than €1,8 M in Hungary, it is financially more beneficial to service your production, with no cap on soft money. If your budget is less, you can attempt the film fund through a Hungary based production company, but it is really difficult to go through first a Co-Production Classification Process at the National Film Office, and then the selection of the Film Fund.

Good to know:

Hungarian filmmakers do not get hired by the production company. Each crew member has their own loan out company that invoices for the services inclusive of contributions and social security charges.


Elizabeth Bridge Budapest

Located in the heart of Europe, Budapest is only 2hrs from London/Paris, 80mins from Rome/Milan/Zurich, 45mins from Vienna which is also reachable by train or car in 2-3 hrs, just like Venice in 5! Multiple daily flights to all major and many smaller cities of Europe.


Andrassy Avenue Budapest

Blockbusters like World War Z, Hercules: The Thracian Wars, Dracula, The Borgias TV series, or latest The Martian by Ridley Scott were shot in Hungary. In the last decade 4 Studios opened in Budapest and its surroundings, 2 of which world-class studio lots. The Korda Studios opened in 2007 with 6 sound stages, one of which is larger than Pinewood’s famous 007 stage. They also boast 3 major back-lots: a New York street block, a Renaissance city, and a full medieval town. Origo Studios with 9 stages and an on-site post-production studio hosted Die Hard 5.


Petofi Statue Budapest

From Technical Academy Award Winners, Emmy and Grammy nominated artists, multilingual film professionals and crew, Hungary offers top ranked Budapest based talents and creatives from all over the world.


Margaret Bridge Budapest

Budapest is a very well kept mid size city (2 Mln) with strict security, hygiene, and health rules. Public Transportation is intergrated into GoogleMaps App, with real time transit info. This allows you to see live arrival of buses, trams, metros, connections, stop overs, and even alert you on cancelled routes, so it is really simple to get around! Vehicles are modern, precise, fast and clean. The 4th Metro and the Public Bicycle System (BUBI) with 1150 bicycles opened in 2014. 88 collecting points at most of 500 meters of distance from each other allow us to commute for 30mins FREE! You do not need a car in Budapest, unless you go to the suburb studios.


Parlamient Budapest

Budapest is a very versatile city which can look Prague, Moscow, London, Berlin, Rome, Paris, even New York, Buenos Aires or Istanbul. We have old school, communist, historical, but also industrial and modern locations to offer you.


Cafe in Budapest

Enjoy top hotels, cafes, thermal baths, spas and restaurants with friendly English speaking staff. Hungarian wine is world famous, but you can find all kind of cuisine from Italian to Oriental food, besides the classical Hungarian goulash from a breathtaking panorama view on the majestic Danube.


Chain bridge with tram Budapest

In the beautiful center of Budapest you can have lunch in a top restaurant for 10€. Taxi to the airport varies from 20-30€. A 1 hour massage can cost you from 15-100€ depending on venue. Renting a fully furnished 50 sqm apartment in the center costs about 500€/month.


Visual mapping in Budapest

No matter how far you come from, you’ll definitely feel home here. Hungary has one of the best foreign residents permit systems of Europe, allowing people from all over the world to transit here permanently or temporarily. From expats to tourists, from Latin America, Japan, Italy, Africa and China, Budapest became a colorful ethnicity pool and a multicultural environment.

10. COOL

Bicycle wedding in Budapest

Budapest is very juvenile. There is always something going on here. From indoor to outdoor events, concerts, exhibitions and festivals, Budapest will definitely surprise you with it’s various activities day by day.

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